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Foshan Fantech Ventilator Equipment Co.,Ltd

Foshan Fantech Fan Machine Co., Ltd. is located in the center of the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta besides the No. 325 National Highway and neighbors with Guangzhou. It is adjacent to the large international market of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau with very convenient traffic.
With rich experience in fan research and production, during the growth and development, Fantech has established close cooperation from the universities and associations such as Xi'an Jiao Tong University, which has supported the rapid development of Fantech.


Special fan for aluminum equipment

The fan is designed with a new type of fan according to the actual working condition of each equipment, and has the advantages of large flowrate, high pressure, low noise and stable performance.
The waste heat is utilized, it is the main equipment to save energy and convey high-temperature gas.
Including: high-temperature circulating rod furnace fan, various aging furnace fans, annealing furnace fan, homogeneous furnace fan, mould furnace fan, casting furnace fan, vertical type horizontal oxidation line,
spray coating line fan and so on, and the fan is designed according to the actual working condition of the professional equipment of the aluminum industry.

  • Rod furnace fan

  • Dust-removing fan

  • High-temperature circulating multiple rod furnace fan

  • Single/ multi-rod furnace stainless steel circulating fan

  • Aluminum environment-friendly fan

  • Forward and reverse fan for aging furnace

  • High-temperature circulating multiple rod furnace fan

  • Axial-flow high-temperature circulating fan for furnace

  • Split type smoke exhaust fan

  • Special fan for aluminum equipment
  • Special fan for ceramic kiln
  • Environment-friendly equipment energy-saving fan
  • Special fan for wood bran and glass equipment
  • Special fan
  • Axial flow fan

Realize the latest enterprise information of Fantech,
Care the hot information, focus on the new trend and new direction of the market development.

  • Industry

If you want more understanding,please contact us: 0757-85595507

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